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Elevate Your Corporate Team Building at Jump Nairobi: 3 Thrilling Activities for Just 2000 Ksh!

Updated: Jul 1

Nairobi's heart beats with excitement at Jump by Flying Fox at The Hub Karen. It's perfect for your corporate team. We offer zip lining, climbing wall, Abseiling, giant swing, Leap of Faith, and airbag jump. And the best part: it costs just 2000 Ksh for three activities per person.

Forget the boardroom and get ready for adventures like climbing walls and racing down ziplines. You'll need quick moves, trust, and smarts to succeed. There are many activities, such as:

  • Scaling the challenging climbing wall

  • Experiencing the adrenaline rush of the leap of faith

  • Swinging high on the thrilling giant swing

  • Mastering the art of abseiling

  • Defying gravity with the exhilarating airbag jump

These activities will boost teamwork and trust. We mix fun and learning in an exciting way

Foster TeamWork and Collaboration in a Thrilling Environment. Jump Nairobi's activities are not just for solo adventures. They're great for making teams work better together. Here, your group can build trust and camaraderie in a fun and affordable way. It's a place to relieve stress and create strong team bonds.

"The team-building activities at Jump Nairobi were a game-changer for our company. The challenges we faced together brought us closer as a unit and helped us tackle problems more effectively back in the office."

Boost your team's potential with Jump Nairobi's thrilling challenges. It's a fantastic place to soar, climb, and conquer together.

Zip lining In Nairobi, Climbing Wall, Abseiling, Leap of Faith, Airbag Jump

Jump Nairobi's adventure activities are all about fun and pushing limits. They offer an exciting way for a group to build bonds. You can try exciting zipline adventures and teamwork challenges on the climbing wall. These activities help everyone work together better in an awesome environment. Flying over lakes on a zipline is a thrilling feeling. It's a great way to bond with your team as you leap into challenges. You might choose the Leap of Faith or try something new like the airbag jump to feel free and brave.

  • Feel the thrill of zip-lining over breathtaking lakes

  • Test yourself on the high climbing wall and go beyond what you think is possible

  • Enjoy the excitement of the Leap of Faith from a tall tower

  • Experience the heart-racing airbag jump

Your team can dive into these amazing activities at Jump Nairobi. It's a chance to have fun and bring everyone together. Plus, it's great for de-stressing and feeling good. With a package that's affordable and accessible, your team's next gathering will be unforgettable. Let the fun begin and explore the power of adventure together.

Soar High on Twin Racing Ziplines

Get ready for a huge adrenaline rush at Jump Nairobi's ziplines. You'll fly up to 180 meters high over beautiful lakes. It's a chance to race with friends while in the sky. These ziplines are 140 and 180 meters long. They promise an adventure you won't forget. It's a great way to energize and bring your team closer.

This challenge is open to anyone over 4 years old and within the weight of 10-150kg.  So, grab your friends and colleagues. It's a great, affordable team-building option for any group.

Embrace the Giant Swing Experience

Reach new heights on the thrilling giant swing at Jump Nairobi. Three or two people are lifted 8 meters in the air. Then, they release and swing, feeling a surge of adrenaline.

This activity is about teamwork and collaboration. Participants must time the swing together for maximum fun.

Feel the stress relief and boost in well-being while having fun. The giant swing at Jump Nairobi isn't just thrilling. It brings your team together in a unique way.

Swing with Your Team in an Exhilarating Group Activity

Feel the wind and adrenaline with your team on the giant swing. At 8 meters above the ground, this is exciting. Everyone needs to work together to feel the thrill.

"The giant swing was an unforgettable experience that brought our team closer together. It's the perfect balance of thrills and team building."

Choose the giant swing for unforgettable team memories. Find the fun and affordable team building at Jump Nairobi.

Defy Gravity with the Airbag Jump

Feel the thrill of free falling with Jump Nairobi's airbag jump. You'll jump off a 10-meter platform, landing in a huge airbag. It's the first of its kind in Africa, and it's all about facing your fears and going beyond your limits. Plus, it builds a strong sense of teamwork.

The airbag jump lets you experience the excitement of falling freely. You can jump knowing that a soft airbag will catch you. This fun and unique challenge tests your bravery and strengthens teamwork. Everyone cheers each other on.

This activity is great for anyone wanting to have fun and step out of their comfort zone. It’s also perfect for building team spirit at work. You'll feel the thrill of the jump and the joy of achieving something big together. It’s a memorable experience that brings people closer.

"The airbag jump was the highlight of our team-building event at Jump Nairobi. It pushed us to our limits, but the sense of comradeship and triumph we felt afterwards was truly remarkable."

Are you looking for a great way to challenge your team, boost their spirits, or just have fun? Then, the airbag jump experience at Jump Nairobi is what you need.



Platform Height

Up to 10 meters

Airbag Size

Massive and cushioned


Thrilling free fall sensation


Stress relief, team building, and personal growth

Join us at Jump Nairobi for an adventure that will boost your team's spirits.

Test Your Courage and Trust in a Unique Challenge

Imagine standing high up, your heart racing. Do you have the leap of faith to trust your mates to catch you? This experience is not just about facing your fears. It also builds trust as your friends encourage you from below, ensuring your safe landing.

Taking the Leap of Faith is an adventure like no other. It leaves you feeling accomplished and closer to those you work with. Jump in, face your fears, and leave with a new view on trust and support.

"The Leap of Faith was the most thrilling and rewarding team-building activity we've ever done. It pushed us to our limits, but the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie we felt afterwards was priceless."

At Jump Nairobi, we make team building both budget-friendly and easy to access. The Leap of Faith combined with two other activities are priced at 2000 Ksh per person. It's an exciting way to bond with your team. This adventure helps relieve stress and strengthens your team's connections.

Affordable and Accessible Team Building

At Jump Nairobi, we believe in making affordable and accessible team building the standard. We offer exciting activities at just 2000 Ksh for 3 activities per person. This allows companies big and small to improve teamwork and collaboration in a unique, fun setting.

If your team loves action-packed adventures or maybe needs a day to relax, we've got you covered. You can choose from ziplining, climbing walls or even taking on the Leap of Faith. All activities are designed to boost trust, strengthen relationships, and create lasting team spirit.

  • Thrilling activities starting at just 2000 Ksh for 3 activities per person

  • Diverse range of team-building experiences to suit all preferences

  • Opportunities to challenge your team, build trust, and foster collaboration

"Jump Nairobi has changed our team-building for the better. The activities got us out of our comfort zones and made us closer as a team."

Jump Nairobi offers quality, fun experiences that won't break the bank. Every company can now enjoy top-notch team building without overspending. This means you can unforgettably improve teamwork and collaboration.

Don't go for the usual team-building exercises when you can try something thrilling at Jump Nairobi. Make a booking today and let us help you make unforgettable memories.

Location and Contact Information

Jump Nairobi is located at The Hub Karen, Unit C2 09, Langata Road in Nairobi. It's easy to find and open Monday through Sunday from 12 PM until 8 PM and also open during holidays. This makes it a great place for teams to enjoy team-building activities.

Jump by Flying Fox, Unit C2 09, The Hub Karen, Langata Rd, Nairobi

Booking Hours: Monday to Sunday 12 PM to 8 PM

Contact Us: 0715969696.

Unlock your team's adventurous spirit at Jump Nairobi, where thrilling activities await at an affordable price


Take your team to the next level with the exciting activities at Jump Nairobi. We offer thrilling activities like the zipline, climbing wall, Leap of Faith, and Airbag Jump. These activities help to enhance teamwork, collaboration, and provide stress relief. And all of this is available at an amazing price of 2000 Ksh for 3 activities per person.

Discover what your team is really capable of at Jump Nairobi. Try the giant swing and abseiling to strengthen your team. We focus on giving you a valuable and amazing experience that is both accessible and exhilarating.

Enhance your team's performance and well-being while making unforgettable memories. Jump Nairobi's team-building programs offer a life-changing experience for your team.



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