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Planning a School Trip? Discover Jump Nairobi's Exciting Activities

Updated: Jul 4

Embarking on a school trip is always exciting. A thrilling adventure awaits students at Jump Nairobi, an adrenaline-fueled destination perfect for school field trips. Featuring a range of exhilarating activities, from high-flying ziplines to daring free-fall jumps, this adventure park in Nairobi offers the ultimate opportunity for students to challenge themselves, build teamwork, and create unforgettable memories. With discounts available for three activities at only Ksh 1000 for students, Jump Nairobi provides an affordable and memorable experience that will have your students buzzing long after the trip. Whether your students are seeking the rush of a giant swing or the accomplishment of scaling a climbing wall, this adventure park in Nairobi has something to captivate every young adventurer.

Unforgettable Experiences at Jump Nairobi

Jump Nairobi is all about thrilling activities that create unforgettable memories. Here, students can fly high on the racing ziplines, wall climbing, or jump off on an airbag or take the leap of faith. Every experience here is meant to be unforgettable.

Racing Ziplines

Just picture yourself soaring in the sky, feeling the wind on your face as you travel fast above the trees. Our racing zip lines will fill your students with joy and make them want to come back for

Airbag Jump

The airbag jump is a true test of bravery. Students jump off and experience a thrilling free fall before safely landing on a big cushion. This challenge will boost their confidence and show them what they're made of.

Giant Swing

On the giant swing, students will rise high and then swing through the air. They will see amazing views and feel the rush of courage and excitement. It is an experience that changes how they see themselves.

Jump Nairobi is about more than just fun; it is about inspiring and challenging students. Our racing ziplines, airbag jump, and giant swing are designed to expand their horizons. They leave with lasting memories and a belief in their capabilities.

"The activities at Jump Nairobi were truly unforgettable. My students came back from the trip with a newfound sense of confidence and a desire to take on even greater challenges."

Physical and Mental Challenges

Jump Nairobi has activities that challenge students both mentally and physically. Through these activities, students push their boundaries. They get better both in health and in skills like teamwork and problem-solving.

At the center, students face physical challenges. They can try high ziplines or jump into an airbag from a platform. These activities help them learn balance, coordination, and face fears safely.

  • Ziplines test balance and coordination

  • Airbag jump challenges students to overcome their fears

  • Giant swing provides an exhilarating experience

The mental challenges are about solving problems together. The giant swing, for instance, needs teamwork for a safe and fun experience.

"The activities at Jump Nairobi pushed me out of my comfort zone, but the sense of accomplishment I felt afterward was incredible. It showed me the value of teamwork and perseverance."

Students gain trust in themselves and their peers by tackling physical and mental challenges. They also build up confidence. These skills are key to doing well in school and their future lives and careers.


Physical Challenge

Mental Challenge


Balance and  coordination


Airbag Jump

Overcoming fear

Courage and self-belief

Giant Swing

Endurance and teamwork

Teamwork and communication

Safe and Supervised

At Jump Nairobi, keeping everyone safe is key. We make sure our place is safe and supervised, especially with students. Our trained staff checks that everyone is ready to have fun safely.

Our team is ready for anything, thanks to their special training. They know first aid and are skilled in helping students have a great time safely. So, from the start, your students are well looked after.

  • All equipment is checked often to make sure it is super safe.

  • Before any fun begins, we make sure everyone knows what to do to stay safe. And our staff keeps a close eye on things.

  • If anything goes wrong, we have a plan ready to keep everyone safe and sound.

  • There are first-aid kits and medical pros on hand if needed. Safety is always first here.

  • Participants are required to wear full-body harnesses that are properly fitted by instructors

  • The zip lines and equipment undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they are in proper working condition

  • Safety is the top priority Jump Nairobi. We provide thorough safety briefings and training to ensure participants feel safe throughout the experience.

  • Helmets and gloves are also provided and must be worn at all times.

  • Instructors closely supervise participants and guide the activity.

  • There are weight and health restrictions to ensure participants can safely engage in the activity.

  • Jump Nairobi has safety protocols in place, such as waiting for clearance before taking a turn on the zip line

  • We are committed to providing a thrilling yet safe adventure for all our guests.

Keeping your students safe and supervised on their trip matters a lot to us at Jump Nairobi. With our professionally trained staff and well-prepared place, you can be sure they will enjoy their time here, safely.

"The safety of our guests is our top priority. We leave no stone unturned to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all."

Kid about to go on the zipline
Kid getting prepared to zipline

Educational Value

Jump Nairobi's adventure activities offer more than just fun; they're educational. They promote critical thinking, bounce-back from setbacks, and the ability to work with others. These skills go well with what students learn in the classroom, making their education richer.


At Jump Nairobi, students face tough challenges. This pushes them to think outside the box and develop their problem-solving skills. As they tackle ziplines or jump onto airbags, they learn to plan and act to meet their targets.


Most Jump Nairobi activities need teamwork. Whether it is helping each other on the Giant Swing or tackling tough hurdles together, students see the value in good communication and working as a group.

Critical Thinking

The adventures boost critical thinking. Students need to look at risks, rewards, and then make smart choices. It is a hands-on way to grow their critical thinking skills.

Jump Nairobi does not just offer activities; it is a place for deep learning. After a visit, students have more resilience, better social skills, and appreciate education more. It is a unique learning opportunity.

Educational Value

How Jump Nairobi Activities Contribute


 Navigating challenging zipline courses and overcoming fear during the airbag jump encourages students to think creatively and devise strategies to achieve their goals

Team Work

Collaborative activities like the Giant Swing require students to communicate, coordinate, and problem-solve collectively

Critical Thinking

Analyzing options, weighing risks and rewards, and making informed decisions during the adventure activities stimulate critical thinking skills

"Adventure activities are more than thrills; they're a key part of education. They build skills students need for their futures, pairing perfectly with classroom studies."

How to Book

Booking at Jump Nairobi for your school is easy. Whether it's a field trip, team-building, or fun day, we are here to help. We will show you the easy steps to get your Jump Nairobi adventure started.

Convenient Booking Options

For booking, call us at 0715969696. Our team is ready to help from Monday to Sunday, noon to 8:00 P.M. They can answer your questions and book your visit.

Plan Ahead for the Best Experience

It's best to book early for your school's visit. This ensures we can meet your group's needs for a great day. Booking early also means your date and time are guaranteed.

Centrally Located in the Heart of Nairobi

Jump Nairobi is at The Hub Mall,Karen. It has plenty of parking for your school group. Our spot makes it easy for you and your students to get to us.


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