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Calling All Stuntmen & women – Come Jump With Us!

Hi, my name’s Jono and I just want to tell you about the most exciting new experience in town – JUMP by Flying Fox.

It’s at The Hub shopping centre in Karen, Nairobi, and we’ve brought 6 fantastic new aerial adventures together in one place – for the first time in Kenya, probably in all of Africa! We’ve got racing ziplines, a huge leap of faith, a freefall airbag jump, a giant swing plus climbing and abseiling – all based around our 50-foot-high tower. It’s built and operated to European standards – but we’re offering it to you at local prices.

I’ve been running adventure sports activities for 15 years now – starting with our Flying Fox zipline tours in India in 2007. You might have heard of our fantastic 6-zipline tour up at The Forest adventure resort, just past Limuru? Well what we’ve done at The Hub cranks up the adrenaline another level. I’ve had some great adventures and done some crazy things, jumping out of an aeroplane at 3,000 feet in Hong Kong, leaping off a 50-foot Rajasthani battlement into a tank of slimy green water (that was dumb – don’t try it!).

But I can tell you – the stuntman airbag we’ve got at the Hub takes real guts… you’ve got to throw yourself off our tower into thin air, attached to nothing at all, fling your legs up towards the sky and – one – two – three – you’re flying, then SLAM! you’re piling into the biggest airbag you’ve ever seen! But don’t worry, it’s a feathersoft landing and super safe – it’s made by Bagjump, the guys who build airbags for Red Bull’s trial bike stunt team and it’s awesome!

Our other activities are terrific too – each gives you a different kind of buzz. The leap of faith is really high – 50 feet up – and even though you’re attached to a safety belay, it’s ridiculously thrilling. The giant swing just makes you burst into laughter because there are three of you on the swing at once and it’s totally nothing like being at a playground. Meanwhile zipping is just a beautiful and serene way to fly through the sky and enjoy the view. And climbing and abseiling are more technical skills that you’ll want to return to again and again.

What I want to achieve at JUMP is to make adventure accessible to as many of you as possible. You don’t have to be a hardcore thrill-seeker to get that adrenaline buzz, that zing of achievement – anyone can do it! It just takes a bit of guts and a bit of faith – in yourself and in us. And trust me – we have been operating aerial adventures to international standards across 6 sites for over decade and we’re really proud of our safety record. My kids have all zipped loads of times – Violet our youngest first ziplined when she was 8-years old. So come on all you wannabe Stuntwomen – now’s your moment to show your man what you’re made of!

You all have to start your journey of adventure somewhere. My own started as a kid back in UK where my dad used to take me climbing in the mountains of the Lake District. Since those early days, I’ve gone on to climb Mt Kenya, Kili and Mount Elgon, as well as some big peaks in the Alps and the Himalayas. I’ve designed and built 6 zipline tours in India and Kenya that fly our guests high over hilltops and forts, past palaces and city walls, over white-water rivers and through forests of Colobus monkeys. But JUMP at The Hub is our first urban adventure and I’m really excited to share it with you.

Come JUMP with us!




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